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Welcome to a collection of crazy creatures to knit and share!

Blue's Creatures were born out of a desire to knit small, rather offbeat toys that would make use of variegated yarn, be easy enough to tackle without being an expert knitter, and for once not involve scores of fiddly knitted sections that then need laboriously sewing together. I'm a knitter, not a sewer!

Each creature can be made from small amounts of yarn, standard sized needles and a few extra beads and trimmings. Oh and stuffing of course, or the likes of Flat Cat will be even flatter than intended. As long as you can knit and purl, knit two stitches together and knit into the front and back of a stitch, you can make these toys. Some sewing *is* required, but folding and squishing till cuteness is achieved are more useful skills.

Patterns with full instructions, any templates and a small picture of the finished toy are available as .pdf files on this page for $5 each. Choose your pattern(s) below and once your paypal payment has been processed, the pattern(s) will be emailed directly to you.

Blue's Turtangle knitted toy Blue's TurtAngle

A very angular sea creature: clever shaping and a contrasting shell piece give this toy instant appeal.

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Blue's Flat Cat knitted toy Blue's Flat Cat

Long and lean, this feline is out for the count, happy to snooze anywhere you put him. Have fun finding contrasting yarn combinations to make him a tabby or a handsome tuxedo chap.

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Blue's Garterpillar knitted toy Blue's Garterpillar

Your funky segmented friend, this is an ideal first knit for kids or beginners. Make one, make lots in a range of yarns and weights, toy featured uses chunky yarn for small hands to hold easily.

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Blue's Zombie Bear knitted toy Blue's Zombie Bear

Meet Zombie Bear, or a Bear Down on His Luck, or a Much Loved But Inexpertly Mended Bear, as you prefer. Ideal for folks with a twisted view of the world, he's still good for cuddles, and maybe needs them more than most.

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Blue's Chunky Funky Llama knitted toy Blue's Chunky Funky Llama

He's chunky, he's funky, he's a silly floppy friend and thanks to clever stitching is easier to knit and shape than you might think.

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